Parks offers to the Enterprise market solutions featuring network infrastructure of high availability, network architecture with simple and flexible management and support for the unification of voice, data and video in the enterprises. 


A platform that provides CAPEX and OPEX reduction and improves the availability and reliability of the LANs.


Internet Service Providers

Parks has products and services especially designed to assist internet providers in expanding and consolidating their business, thus ensuring competitive advantages, reducing maintenance and operating costs, and providing better profitability from their networks through better quality and greater variety of services. 


Our portfolio for providers includes training, project engineering, consulting, local support by our teams and other forms of advisory that have been designed to suit both small and medium providers, and even mini operators.

Telecom Operators

In a world marked by speed of information and constant changes in the technology market, telecommunications companies need solutions able to respond to the current environment and, at the same time, they must be prepared for the future networks. 


Aware of it, Parks created a portfolio of equipment and services designed to meet the needs of operators, and develops solutions appropriate to the profile of each customer, as well as customized projects according to the needs and particularities of each one.

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Parks develops solutions focused on the markets of Enterprise, Internet Providers and Telecom Operators.​