Introduction to 

GPON technology.

Discover new possibilities with GPON and learn how to add value and increase revenues with your optical fiber network.


• Optical fiber (types, applications, characteristics, handling)

• SFP Transceptor Modules

• Optical Connectors

• Splitters

• Care in handling optical fibers and optical connectors

• Types of Optical Networks

• PON Networks

• Basic notions on calculation of Optical Power Budget in PON networks


• Types of OLT and ONU

• Limitations and features of GPON

• External PON types of devices

• Notions on PON pre-project definition

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From 09:00 to 17:00


To present introductory concepts on optical fibers, distinguishing between their various types according to the application, as well as the caution in handling optical fibers. 


To learn about the types of connectors recommended for use in optical networks, good practices of handling and use, and types of optical networks, especially PON networks. 


To study the key concepts of GPON networks, their limits and conditions. To know the requirements for deploying a GPON network. 

Basic notions of the components of PON networks.

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