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We operate in the telecommunications market, developing and producing in Brazil solutions based on the principle of devising new standards for access networks and new services for the telecom market.


Our comprehensive portfolio of equipment and highly flexible industrial plant allow the production of different models, regardless of the scale of production.​

Our R&D is aimed at delivering customized solutions to meet the technical requirements and needs of our customers, imprinting to their equipment the mark built out of half a century of technology and quality.
For more than 50 years we have believed and invested in the potential of the domestic industry for the supply of telecommunications solutions.​


Paulo Renato Ketzer de Souza.

Paulo Renato Ketzer de Souza had a brilliant career, guided by a sense of entrepreneurship and creativity. Founder of Parks S/A Comunicações Digitais, in 1966, he was also professor of electronics at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). 


Throughout his career, he bequeathed several contributions to society, by means of his entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, becoming one of the leaders of telecommunications industry in southern Brazil. More than the mark of entrepreneurship, Paulo Renato left – to all those who continue his work today – a culture of faith in people and in that the best work is that done by teams, and the best result is acquired when the major challenges are overcome.

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Award Industry Distinction awarded by FIERGS, for the product named Proteu.



Award Quality RS, awarded by PGQP.



Award Quality RS, awarded by PGQP. 




Opening of the new plant in the Industrial District of Cachoeirinha (RS). 



Development of communication solutions using WiMAX technology in Brazil. 



Launch of 3G and EFM lines of products, which brought new technologies for digital inclusion and broadband access to the Brazilian market. In the same year, Parks was awarded SUCESU 40 Years prize in the Popular Jury category, for the design and commercialization of UP 1200 modem, developed in partnership with UFRGS, in 1978, which was chosen as one of the five most innovative equipment launched in the last four decades.



Prize FINEP Empresa Inovadora Nacional. First implementation of Wireless technology for Digital Cities.



First end-to-end GPON solution, with fully national technology, launched to strengthen the national portfolio of triple-play solutions.



First place in Inova Telecom Award



Launch of PON solution (Passive Optical LAN)



Celebration of the 50 years of Parks

1934 - 2008

We work to bring innovation to the Brazilian technology industry and to enhance local research, development and manufacturing.​